Audiobook Narration and Production

We'll bring your book alive with energy and clarity to engage the listener.

Recording an audiobook involves considerably more than just reading words.  

It entails getting sentences just right with just the right voice intonation at just the right time.   

Listening to a book is a different experience than reading one. If you put your blood, sweat, and tears into writing something that's interesting, exciting, compelling or all three, it needs to sound that way too. You've only got seconds to  make an  impression that will keep the listener listening.  

We insist on being realistic. Excellent work takes time. We'll offer you a completion schedule that will fit the size and  complexity of your book and make sense to both of us. 

Every book is different, Contact us at for a customized quote today. 


Voices and Accents

We offer a variety of male voices with accents including, but not limited to, General American English (commonly used by American newscasters and announcers) British, American Southern, Midwestern, and Spanish.