About Us

Eastern Harbor Press, LLC is an independent book publisher specializing in non-fictionalized stories written by eyewitnesses to historic events. 


We are open to submissions from authors with eyewitness-to-history stories  ... only.  That means that you were there whenever whatever it was happened. If your Uncle Elmer saw it and told you about, it doesn't count. See our recent release, Downstairs at the White House, for the best example of what we're looking for.

Send a short query, not a manuscript, by email to: 


By short, we mean just a few sentences. Not short in comparison to War and Peace.

Please note that we will not open attachments. Don't even think about it.

Unlike a lot of other people in this business, we will respond to you with an email even if  your work isn't a fit with us. We think that's a simple matter of respect. 

The lack of a fit today, however, doesn't mean that we will never have an interest in your project. So, it's okay to stay in touch from time-to-time. If you start getting on our nerves, believe us, we'll let you know.

Eastern Harbor Press will not ask authors for any form of payment at any time. If we accept your work, we will not ask you to bear or share the cost of  producing your story. If we think your work is sellable, we'll buy it from you and pay the costs of bringing it to market. 

That said, we do offer ghostwriting, editing, art, production, and other services upon request to individuals, corporations, and other organizations interested in paying us to create and publish a book for them.  If you're interested in a project like that, please write to us at: editor@easternharborpress.com

One last, very important, thing. Please bear in mind that Eastern Harbor Press is a small enterprise and we  can only work on one or two projects at a time without crossing the thin red line between sanity and hysteria.